Student Awards & Honors

Ronald E. Kirk Award

Established in memory of biology professor Ronald E. Kirk, this scholarship is awarded to the top student in freshman biology.

2011 winner: Anh Tu Nguyen

Elizabeth Steele Creveling Memorial Scholarship

In tribute to the memory of his wife, Howard F. Creveling Jr., Ph.D., established this scholarship for an outstanding master’s or doctorate student in biology.

2014 winner: Akshayalakshmi Sridhar

2015 winner: Anne Andere


Richard O. McCracken Memorial Scholarships

Dr. Richard O. McCracken was a biology professor whose passion for research and teaching was reflected upon those with whom he had contact. Upon his death in 1993, family and friends endowed this scholarship, which is awarded annually to an outstanding sophomore or junior.

2011 winners: Eric J. Keller and Cleandrea Spenser

Joseph Russo Memorial Scholarship

Established in memory of biology professor Joseph Russo, this scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in biology.

2011 winner: Pich Seekaew

Tah-Tah Self Achievement Award

Tahnesia Towner was a strong, independent young woman who studied biology in pursuit of her dream to be a pediatrician. Upon her death, friends and family chose to keep Tah Tah’s spirit alive with this award, which is made to an African-American female who is pursuing a medical career.

2011 winner: Osato Ogbeifun

Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards

Bachelor of Arts
2011 Winner: Adam Miller

Bachelor of Science
2011 Winner: Kristen L. Dusenbury and Rachel J. Rehlander

Outstanding Research Awards

2011 winner: Jacob V. Layer

2011 winner: Scott R. Hudson

2011 winner: Angela K. Deem