Special Topics

BIOL 697


The frontiers of biology. Critical examination of developments in the various specialties represented by the members of the department. Currently, advanced work in the following and related fields can be offered: molecular genetics; structure and biosynthesis of biologically significant molecules; the nature of biological specificity and enzyme catalysis; the fine structure and chemistry of subcellular particles, cells, and tissues; microbial and plant metabolism; comparative biochemistry; genetics and physiology of viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths, and cells of higher forms of life; the genetics, structure, development, and physiology of plants and animals, including endocrinology and work physiology; excitable membranes; neurobiology, ecology, systematics, and evolution of microorganisms, plants, and animals; host-parasite relationships including immunology; and the teaching of biology.

The field in which work is offered will be indicated in the student’s record. May be repeated for credit.