Graduate Program Application Instructions

Please ensure you meet all minimum requirements BEFORE you apply.

The  complete application (on-line application, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and GRE scores) is required by the indicated deadlines. 


Complete the IUPUI Online Application:

  • Application Information Tab:
    • Select Academic Program: Biology (Purdue University)
    • Select Academic Plan: The choices are as follows: Pre-Professional Non-Thesis, MS non-thesis, MS thesis, and PhD.
  • Department Information Tab:
    • Personal Statement: Provide a statement (approximately 750 words) that identifies your academic goals, career objectives, why you are applying to this program, and the qualifications you have that make you a strong candidate for this program. (On the application, ignore the statement that says "check the department page for more specific information". The statement provided above is sufficient for the writing your personal statement.)

You must pay a fee in order to submit your application.
An email will be sent to you when our department receives your complete application. If you do not receive an application submission email within 3-4 weeks, please email or call to verify that we have it. We have several students who mistakenly select the wrong Academic Objective and their application goes to another department. It is important to check your email to verify we received your application. If your application is misdirected, it can be easily switched over to our department.


The  complete application (on-line application, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and GRE scores) is required before the graduate committee will review your file. Include your name on all typed, uploaded documents.

Mail the following to:

IUPUI Biology Department
ATTN: Graduate secretary
723 West Michigan Street, SL 306
Indianapolis, IN 46202

  1. Transcripts: Two original copies of the official transcript(s) of all previous university work are required, including IU campuses:  IUB, IUPUI, IUPUC, etc. Please have official copies sent directly to the address above.
  2. Letters of Recommendation: Three letters of recommendation are required. The preferred method is using the on-line section within the application. If you have a person who does not wish to fill out the recommendation on-line, he or she may write a standard letter and mail it to the department. They can also include an optional recommendation form, but it is NOT required. Or, you may call the Department of Biology at (317) 274-0577, or e-mail, with your address to have the optional form mailed to you. We also accept "committee packets" that universities put together for their students. At least two letters should come from professors in previous science classes and should address the applicant's aptitude and potential in a biology program at the graduate level.
  3. Exams (GRE & TOEFL):GRE and/or English language proficiency scores mailed directly to us from Educational Testing Service.
    GRE and TOEFL codes: IUPUI = 1325, Biology Department = 0203
  4. Fellowships & Assistantship: If you are interested in applying for a fellowship, complete the form: ”Release of Confidential Information to the University Fellowship Subcommittee.”