Special Programs

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In addition to traditional academic offerings, the School of Science and IUPUI provide programs designed to help students access cross-functional areas of study, supplement and enrich regular degree programs or gain international experience.

Biology Freshman Work Program: This program offers first-year Biology students the opportunity to link student work and learning in introductory positions that can lead to research opportunities and scholarships.

Structured Learning Assistance: Learn collaboratively with others in these weekly sessions led by a fellow student who has already demonstrated the ability to perform well in class.

Pre-Health Professions and Prelaw Programs: Science and technology degrees are a great fit for many pre-health and professional programs including pre-med, pre-dentistry and pre-law.

Interdisciplinary Studies Program: Create your own major by combining the science program of your choice with the liberal arts, journalism, or another science. 

RISE: The RISE to the IUPUI Challenge initiative builds on IUPUI’s tradition of and commitment to experiential learning, enhancing traditional learning models with real-world experience.

Service Learning: At IUPUI, students, faculty, and staff participate in educational service activities that mutually benefit the campus and community.

Study Abroad: IUPUI has over 45 different study abroad programs and you can also participate in programs through other IU campuses and receive direct IU credit.

Honors College: The Honors College provides students with exceptional educational opportunities designed to supplement and enrich students' regular degree programs.