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Biology Ph.D. Candidate Jennifer Robison featured in ASPB News

Jennifer Robison | Ph.D. Student, Biology | Biology Department One of the IUPUI School of Science's Ph.D. Candidates, Jennifer Robison, was recently featured in ASPB's bi-monthly newsletters.


Plant Science in the Classroom

If you were asked to generate a list of expert geneticists, how much diversity would your list include? Jennifer Robison (Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis) sought to expose the students in her undergraduate genetics course to the contributions of scientists from a wide range of backgrounds. When asked to create a list of scientists from memory, the students initially recalled names that were predominantly male, and none of the scientists was from an underrepresented group. Students were then randomly assigned to research and write content about a scientist from a group that spanned diverse cultural backgrounds and identities.

Following the intervention, Robison again asked students to list as many scientists as they could remember and measured increases in the number of women and underrepresented minorities, as well as in total names. This intervention had the added benefit of making students aware of scientist role models who look like themselves. Variations on this activity could be added to virtually any course.....

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