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Awards and Science stats

Biology student awards and scholarships

  • Ronald E. Kirk Award

    • Established in memory of biology professor Ronald E. Kirk, this scholarship is awarded to the top student in freshman biology.

    • 2017 winner: Rabiah Amjad, Kaylee D. Totrow

  • Elizabeth Steele Creveling Memorial Scholarship

    • In tribute to the memory of his wife, Howard F. Creveling Jr., Ph.D., established this scholarship for an outstanding master's or doctorate student in biology.

    • 2017 winner: Joonyong Lee

  • Richard O. McCracken Memorial Scholarships

    • Dr. Richard O. McCracken was a biology professor whose passion for research and teaching was reflected upon those with whom he had contact. Upon his death in 1993, family and friends endowed this scholarship, which is awarded annually to an outstanding sophomore or junior.

    • 2017 winners: Abigail J. Parker

  • Joseph Russo Memorial Scholarship

    • Established in memory of biology professor Joseph Russo, this scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in biology.

    • 2017 winner: Ali S. Tahir

  • Tah-Tah Self Achievement Award

    • Tahnesia Towner was a strong, independent young woman who studied biology in pursuit of her dream to be a pediatrician. Upon her death, friends and family chose to keep Tah Tah's spirit alive with this award, which is made to an African-American female who is pursuing a medical career.

    • 2017 winner: Caylin Billingsley

  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards

    • Bachelor of Arts: 2017 Winner: Casey A. Miller

    • Bachelor of Science: 2017 Winner: Roshni B. Patel

  • Outstanding Research Awards

    • Undergraduate: 2017 winner: Aamir T. Tucker

    • Master's: 2017 winner: Charanya Muralidharan

    • Doctorate: 2017 winner: Gina M. Dembinski, Akshayalakshmi Sridhar 

Science student stats

Degrees awarded for the 2016-2017 academic year

  • 774 total Science degrees
    • 605 bachelor's degrees
    • 130 master's degrees
    • 39 doctoral degrees

In Fall 2016 the School of Science enrolled:

  • 2,481 undergraduates
  • 248 masters students 
  • 204 Ph.D. students
  • 41% of incoming students are in top 10% of their high school class
  • 50% of incoming students scored higher than 1200 on the SAT
  • 90% of Science undergraduates are Indiana residents
  • 86% first-year retention rate (Fall 2015)
  • 47 Science Majors Named to 2017 IUPUI "Top 100" recognizing their academic success, extracurricular activities, and civic engagement
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Science faculty stats

  • Our average, student to faculty ratio is 17:1
  • Over the past 4 years, the School of Science has hired 56 new faculty
  • Of the 56 new faculty, 47 are tenured or tenure-track
  • Our faculty currently hold more than $20 million in external research funding
    • Of that amount, $13.4 million were new awards

Research grant awards

  • In the 2017 fiscal year, IUPUI School of Science was awarded more than 6 million dollars for 55 research grants

Student diversity stats

Science beginning freshmen

  • 17% are 21st Century Scholars
  • 30% are minority or International students
  • 57.5% are female
  • 98% are 19 years old or younger

Science student body, according to Fall 2016 enrollment

  • 56% of Science majors are female
  • 35% are minority or international students
  • 29% of Science majors are first generation students
  • Since 2010, the School of Science has seen a 54% increase in international students
  • 980 international students and minorities are currently pursuing degrees

IUPUI diversity stats

  • Top 20 best non-historically black colleges & universities
  • 1 in 4 tenured and tenure-track faculty are minorities
  • 1,953 international students are enrolled at IUPUI
  • 25% of IUPUI students are minorities

IUPUI School of Science strategic plan

The School of Science at IUPUI is dedicated to conducting fundamental and applied scientific research and providing the highest quality undergraduate education and graduate training. See the School of Science 2014-2019 Strategic Plan.

In both our research and teaching, we promote an understanding of basic science and interdisciplinary approaches for addressing scientific questions, an appreciation of academic values, and translation of scientific findings to our communities. We foster an environment where students can access faculty for personalized mentoring and instruction, and where they can be meaningfully engaged in research and scholarship. The School is committed to providing the state of Indiana and beyond with graduates who possess deep knowledge of modern science and who are fully equipped to be future leaders impacting science, industry, schools and communities.

Our Vision

  • To be known in the state of Indiana and nationally as the destination of choice for students seeking the highest quality science education.

  • To be recognized in the state of Indiana, nationally and internationally as a major contributor of the highest quality fundamental and applied scientific research.

  • To excel at providing an environment that is supportive to a diverse population of students, faculty and staff.

Our Values

The School of Science at IUPUI will achieve its mission through outstanding teaching, innovative research, strong commitment to diversity among faculty and students, relentless pursuit of academic excellence and dedication to IUPUI’s vision as an urban research university with national and global impact.

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Annual Report

“I love teaching middle school. Especially 6th graders – everything is so new to them. It’s a great time to instill a passion for science and learning.”

Bryan Ramirez 2013 Alumnus
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