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Why IUPUI Department of Biology?

The Department of Biology at IUPUI offers graduate programs leading to Purdue University Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees.

At IUPUI, our graduate students are passionate about making an impact.

IUPUI currently ranks third by U.S. News and World Report in "Up-and-Coming National Universities" and maintains a spot among the top 100 universities in the country. Situated in the heart of Indianapolis, IUPUI is an urban research and life and health sciences institution near five hospitals and Indiana University medical and dental schools.

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The degrees are conferred through the Purdue University system, and entering students must meet the minimum admission requirements of the Graduate School of Purdue University and departmental requirements. Learn more about admissions to the graduate programs.


Areas of active research within the department include genetics, eye development, ecology and the environment, biology teaching methods, forensic biology, spinal cord regeneration, yeast molecular biology, membrane biochemistry and biophysics, oncology, renal physiology, molecular development, DNA repair, plant molecular biology, plant cell biology, bone cell biology, and regenerative biology.

Interdisciplinary research is common. Strong collaborations exist between our faculty and members of other departments of the School of Science, and with the School of Medicine.

What it's like being a Biology PhD, according to Akshayalakshmi Sridhar

Akshayalakshmi Sridhar PhD. Student, Biology
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