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Why choose a minor in chemistry?

Gain a thorough introduction to inorganic, organic, and physical or analytical chemistry so that you are well prepared for careers or graduate study in life sciences, medicine or other health-related fields.

See Chemistry minors and certificates

Which plans of study pair well?

  • Biology B.A. or B.S. (one additional course — 3 cr.)
  • Clinical Lab Science B.S. (one additional course — 3 cr.)
  • Environmental Health Science BSPH (two additional courses — 6 cr.)
  • Environmental Science B.S. (five additional courses — 12 cr.)
  • Kinesiology B.S. (six additional courses — 16 cr.)

Minor requirements

  • CHEM-C105, CHEM-C125, CHEM-C106, CHEM-C126, CHEM-C341, CHEM-C342, CHEM-C343
  • One of the following Chem courses is required: CHEM-C310 or CHEM-C360*
  • MATH 22200 (or MATH 16600) and PHYS-P202 are prerequisites for CHEM-C360
  •  A grade of C or above is required for all chemistry courses.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.00 is required for the complete minor program.
  • A minimum of 6 credit hours in the minor courses must be taken at IUPUI.

Apply for a minor

Apply for a Chemistry Minor

To declare the Chemistry, please use the School of Science Internal Admissions Application.  Please select "I am adding a minor" as the reason for the request.  In order for your application for the minor to be reviewed in a timely manner, please make sure to declare the minor at least ONE SEMESTER BEFORE YOU GRADUATE.

“My mentors at IUPUI gave me a level of responsibility in the lab that provided an advantage when I was working in new areas at NYU.”

Ahmed Malik Chemistry, Undergraduate

"I see all fields of science as being fundamentally integrated and connected with one another. By getting a minor, I developed skills and new ways of thinking that have helped me ask the right questions in my research."

Jason Walsman | Chemistry Minor
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