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Harold Owens Computer Science, Graduate

Why Choose This Program?

The objective of the graduate minor in Computer Science is to provide an opportunity for current Indiana University or Purdue University doctoral students in other disciplines at IUPUI to learn and use computer science techniques and tools to solve problems in their academic fields. Such a minor is helpful, as the use of information technology in other academic areas has proliferated; future researchers and faculty members must be familiar with the fundamentals of computer science to aid in their own research and discovery.

What Will You Learn?


Students who are enrolled in any Indiana University or Purdue University doctoral program at IUPUI may apply for admission to the Graduate Minor program. Students must submit an internal application to the Department for review once all minor requirements (listed below) have been completed; please do not submit the application before this time. Admissions are done on a rolling basis.

In order to be authorized to register for CS graduate courses, students are required to have a background in computer science of at least CSCI 36200, Data Structures, or an equivalent course. Exceptions to this requirement will be made in only rare cases to otherwise outstanding students. Please contact the Department's Graduate Advisor for permission to register for courses.

Core Course Requirement

The minor will require coursework totaling 12 graduate credit hours at the 500 level or above. These must include one three-credit hour core course, and three elective computer science courses. Additional CSCI courses at the 500 level or above, such as independent studies, may be substituted for elective courses with the permission of the CS Department's Graduate Committee.

Core Courses

CSCI 50300, Operating Systems
CSCI 56500, Programming Languages
CSCI 58000, Algorithm Design, Analysis, and Implementation
Approved Elective Courses
CSCI 50600 Management of the Software Development Process
CSCI 54100 Database Systems
CSCI 54900 Intelligent Systems
CSCI 55000 Computer Graphics
CSCI 55200 Advanced Graphics & Visualization
CSCI 55500 Cryptography
CSCI 57300 Data Mining

These variable title courses, offered under CSCI 59000 Topics in Computer Science: Distributed Databases, Pattern Recognition/Data Mining, and Wireless Sensor Networks. These courses may acquire permanent course numbers in the future.

Any course not specifically listed here requires advance approval of the CS Department's Graduate Committee to count as a minor elective.

Minimum Overall GPA: Successful completion of the minor requires at least a B (3.0) average over all courses counting toward the minor. The minimum grade that will be accepted in any single course is C. Course grades of C- or below must be repeated and a C or higher grade must be earned.

Maximum Number of Transferable Credits: Applicants who have already earned credit for one or more of the equivalent courses from other institutions and other programs may request to apply up to a maximum of three credits of these coursed toward the minor. Any waivers or substitutions must be approved by the Minor Coordinator in consultation with the Department of Computer & Information Science's Graduate Committee. A maximum of three credits from another institution
may be applied to the Graduate Minor. 

Maximum Time for Completion: All requirements for the Graduate Minor must be completed within four calendar years. Most students enrolled in this program will be full-time students, and should attempt the minor during the early part of their studies.

Number of Allowable Credit Hours taken Prior to Admission: Up to 6 (six) equivalent credit hours taken prior to admission into the Graduate Minor program may be applied toward the minor. Up to three of these may be from another institution.


Students with questions regarding the Graduate Minor should consult with the Department’s Graduate Advisor. If you have any questions regarding the Computer & Information Science Graduate Program please contact admissions@cs.iupui.edu.

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Harold Owens Ph.D. Student, Computer Science
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