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Student with a mentor

Graduate student resources

Graduate Program Forms & Information

Download and links to student handbook, thesis information, graduate offices and student organizations. 

Program Information


 General Info

Graduate Training Faculty

Faculty currently training graduate students. 

Cell Biology
Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Developmental Biology
Molecular Biology
Regenerative Biology


Get Involved

Student organizations, graduate student council, and more.

Biology Department Graduate Student Club

The graduate student organization, Bio PUGS (Biology Purdue University Graduate Students) is a multifaceted club, both academic and social. Bio PUGS promotes communication and camaraderie among graduate students, and during bi-weekly meetings, members often present their research to their peers and become informed regarding issues pertinent to graduate students.

School of Science Graduate Student Council

The School of Science Graduate Student Council seeks to address the needs and concerns of graduate and professional students in the School of Science. Learn more.

IUPUI Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

The GSO is the official voice of 8,000+ graduate and professional students on the IUPUI campus. Learn more.

More Student Organizations

There are several graduate student organizations at IUPUI. These organizations help to bring a sense of graduate community to the campus and provide feedback to administrators about policies and issues affecting graduate students. Learn more.

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