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Diana Sims-Harris

Diana Sims-Harris

Director of Student Affairs

As the School of Science Director of Student Affairs, Diana Sims-Harris coordinates programs and activities that support student success, leading to timely degree completion and achievement of learning outcomes. Diana manages initiatives related to enrollment preparation and progression tracking and collaborates with science departments, program academic advisors, and university partners.  Diana's key responsibilities include implementation of student engagement and retention strategies such as: working with special populations, advising interdisciplinary studies majors and science honors students, coordinating residence-based learning communities, overseeing school-based orientation activities, coordinating academic advisor professional development, organizing engagement events activities, and supporting at-risk students.  Diana also serves as an adjunct faculty member in Organization Leadership and Supervision in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology. 

Diana has been a higher education professional for over ten years.  Prior to this position, she served as the Associate Director of the Office of Student Involvement at IUPUI, supervising the areas of leadership, fraternity and sorority life, and student activities.  Diana has previously held positions working with social justice and diversity, student programming, and student organizations.  She brings a knowledge of leadership, staff development, underrepresented student populations, and assessment of student learning to her work.  Diana is a Doctoral Candidate in Indiana State University's Higher Education Leadership program and holds degrees from Western Illinois University and Illinois State University.  In her spare time, Diana enjoys spending time with her family, including her two children Lily and William, going to concerts, and watching her two favorite sports teams, the Indiana Pacers and LA Rams.

Courses Taught / Teaching

  • OLS 252 Human Behavior in Organizations
  • SCI-I 120 Windows on Science


  • Women in Leadership, Women on Higher Education Governing Boards

Professional Affiliations

  • ACPA