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Denise Slayback-Barry, Lecturer

Courses Taught / Teaching

I have the honor of teaching undergraduate Immunology Lecture (K338) and Lab (K339), as well as graduate Immunology Lecture (K561) and Immune Dysfunction (K697 Topics class).   It is also my pleasure to teach Human Biology Labs (N213 and N215).  There is no greater joy than to look into a student's face and see interest, knowing that this interest was ignited by your own passion.


The lymphatic system has the tremendous responsibility of protecting the body from invasion of countless pathogens.  While this system typically works flawlessly, when it fails to discriminate between self proteins and foreign antigen, innumerable complications can develop. 

My interest has long been associated with understanding the mechanisms by which the lymphatic system fails.  More specifically, my desire is to understand the mechanisms underlying autoimmunity.  

  How does the lymphatic system lose the regulatory capabilities seen in healthy individuals?