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Susan Walsh, Assistant Professor


2013-2014             Post-Doctoral Associate             Yale University, New Haven, USA

2009-2013             PhD. Forensic Genetics              Erasmus University, The Netherlands

2005-2006             MSc. DNA profiling                    University of Central Lancashire, UK

2001-2005             BSc. Biochemistry (Hons)           University College Cork, Ireland

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The goal of the lab is to enhance our understanding of the genetic basis of human physical appearance and ancestry.

In a forensic context, retrieving information on the externally visible characteristics of a sample donor found at a crime scene can provide valuable intelligence information, e.g. eye, hair or skin color, to name a few. As we deal with quantitative traits where different genes and also environmental factors can contribute to the phenotype, we try to unveil the genetic basis of certain traits using genome-wide association approaches and next-generation sequencing, amongst others. We then try to determine what are the most-predictive biomarkers, and develop molecular tools to predict these traits for practical applications in forensics and anthropological studies.

Students interested in DNA analyses methods, including next-generation sequencing, and Population Genetics/Bioinformatics should contact me for current possibilities.

To help us and improve physical appearance prediction by being a volunteer for our phenotype collection, please sign up!


Publications & Professional Activities

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