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Christine Picard, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

I grew up in Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada and received my B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Next, I received my MS in Chemistry from the University of Toronto, with an emphasis in organic synthesis. I went on to work for three years for a small start-up company where I was a medicinal chemist synthesizing novel antimicrobial agents.

I decided I missed fresh air, so I moved to West Virginia and started my PhD in Biology at West Virginia University. Here - this fresh air I so craved - was laden with rotten meat smells, but it got me outdoors. It was during this time that I produced some large-scale population genetics surveys of blow flies, beginning to understand some of the variation present in blow fly populations. Following my PhD - I persisted in the Texas heat for 1 year doing a postdoc at Texas A&M University with Aaron Tarone in the Entomology Department, starting a selection experiment in blow flies to tease out the genetic contribution to development rate variation.

I joined the faculty in Biology at IUPUI in 2011 and have since been focused on continuing to understand the correlations between genotype and phenotype, how this variation is distributed the landscape, what mediates these population-level differences, and how we can improve estimates of minimum postmortem intervals.

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Professor Name

  • 2005-2010 Ph.D., Department of Biology, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
  • 2000-2002 M.Sc., Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
  • 1996-2000 B.Sc., Biology/Chemistry, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New¬† Brunswick

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