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Justin Kosiba, Biology, Alumni

Science education leads attorney to success

Justin Kosiba | 2004 Alumnus, B.S. Biology, Pre-Law | Biology Department A man of many talents

Justin Kosiba isn’t just a scientist; he’s an attorney, hobbyist beekeeper and 2015 IUPUI Regatta champion. The 2004 biology alumnus decided to pursue an education in science because of the exciting challenges and benefits a formal science education provides. Even though he now practices law at Hensley Legal Group in Indianapolis, Kosiba still uses the science skills he learned while at IUPUI.

“The foundation of any field of science is to collect evidence to test theories and to determine the laws of nature,” Kosiba said. “Similarly, as a lawyer, I collect evidence and weigh it against the laws and establish legal theories.  The scientific method is directly transferable to almost any situation.”

Kosiba got more out of his education than academic knowledge though; he also picked up life skills that affect his everyday life. Research and mentorship with professors emeritus Martin Bard and David Nurok were instrumental to Kosiba’s ability to apply the scientific method to the real world.

“My experience at IUPUI was a continuous period of personal growth,” Kosiba recalled. “Beyond coursework, the IUPUI campus provided a community atmosphere and created environments that promoted collaboration. It set the stage for good habits, and it kept me motivated to pursue further studies.” 

Champion alumnus

Kosiba’s fondness for his experiences at IUPUI encouraged him to stay involved in the School of Science as an alumnus. Rowing in the Science Alumni team at the IUPUI Regatta, a half-mile canoe race on the Indianapolis canal is Kosiba’s favorite Science tradition. After competing for five consecutive years, Kosiba and his team took home the first place 

prize in the co-ed division this year. Rowing in the Regatta is more than a competition for Kosiba though.

“The IUPUI Regatta has essentially become an annual tradition for me, and I suspect that has to do with how well the event showcases so many positive attributes tied between IUPUI and the community,” Kosiba shared. “Built on a foundation of fun and friendly competition with practically every department of IUPUI represented, it’s an event that creates an inviting atmosphere to current students, alumni, family, friends, and the community at large.”

Kosiba looks forward to many more years of involvement in the Regatta and urges science alumni, students and faculty to participate in this growing tradition. 

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