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School of Science announces Top 100 Students for 2020

The IUPUI Top 100 Student Recognition Award honors students for their strength in scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities on campus, and civic and community service.

Nominations are made by IUPUI faculty and staff and then selected by a panel of alumni, faculty, and staff.

The awards are sponsored by the IUPUI Alumni Council and the Student Organization for Alumni Relations (SOAR).

  • Cancelled: Distinguished Alumni Award and Reception

  • Dr. Gonzalo Torres

  • Dr. Robert Shanks

  • Dr. Steve Randall , "Dehydrins Galore"

  • Dr. Padmanabhan Pattabiraman , "The Matrix is a system. That system is our enemy" - Targeting Extracellular Matrix to Lower Intraocular Pressure for Glaucoma Therapy"

  • Dr. Vikki Weake, "New functions for the DNA replication regulator Dbf4 in histone acetylation in insects"

  • Dr. Aaron Bowman, "Gene x Neurotoxicant Interactions in Neurological Disease"

  • Dr. Joseph Palermo, "CFTR: Beyond the Lungs"

  • Dr. Emily Gillespie, "Phylogeography and population genetics of Sandmyrtle (Kalmia buxifolia, Ericaceae)"

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