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  • Cancelled: Distinguished Alumni Award and Reception

  • Dr. Gonzalo Torres

  • Dr. Robert Shanks

  • Dr. Steve Randall , "Dehydrins Galore"

  • Dr. Padmanabhan Pattabiraman , "The Matrix is a system. That system is our enemy" - Targeting Extracellular Matrix to Lower Intraocular Pressure for Glaucoma Therapy"

  • Dr. Vikki Weake, "New functions for the DNA replication regulator Dbf4 in histone acetylation in insects"

  • Dr. Aaron Bowman, "Gene x Neurotoxicant Interactions in Neurological Disease"

  • Dr. Joseph Palermo, "CFTR: Beyond the Lungs"

  • Dr. Emily Gillespie, "Phylogeography and population genetics of Sandmyrtle (Kalmia buxifolia, Ericaceae)"

  • Dr. Yulan Xiong, Molecular underpinnings of Parkinson’s disease: a path to new therapies"

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