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  • Dr. Yulan Xiong, Molecular underpinnings of Parkinson’s disease: a path to new therapies"

  • Dr. Anna Malkova, "Genomic repair and instability promoted by Break-Induced Replication"

  • Dr. Amelia Linemann, "Visualizing Pancreatic Islet Function in Vivo Using Intravital Microscopy"

  • Dr. Gerorge Mohler, “Machine learning for urban sensing and event detection”

  • Biology department welcomes 12 graduate research students

    With a myriad of research programs within the Biology Department at the School of Science, incoming biology graduate students are exploring a range of topics. This fall the department is welcoming 12 research students into its graduate program, studying topics ranging from fetal alcohol syndrome in zebrafish to DNA sequencing in flies.

    'Project EPIC at IUPUI' aims to address inequities among women in STEM ranks

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Thanks to a National Science Foundation ADVANCE grant, IUPUI will begin implementing programs to improve the institutional climate and to address inequities in the representation, retention and advancement of women, particularly women of color, in the tenured ranks of science, technology, engineering and mathematical science departments.

  • Paws Closet Career Fair Pop-Up

  • CSIPP Information Session- Consulting at DMI

  • IUPUI Earth Sciences Fall Social

  • Dr. Jay Park Seminar

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