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  • Dr. Bao Wang Seminar

  • School of Science at Regatta

  • Dr. James Marrs, "Using the zebrafish to model fetal alcohol spectrum disorders"

  • Dr. William Sullivan, "Sleeping with the Enemy: Getting Rid of a Latent Brain Parasite"

  • Dr. Jing Liu, "Quantitative Single Molecule Imaging in Live Cells"

  • Dr. Loren Field, "Monitoring cardiomyocyte cell cycle activity in postnatal hearts"

  • Dr. Nader Shibani, "Diabetes and Retinal Vascular Cell Dysfunction​"

  • 2019 Brain Bee at IUPUI

  • "Cell-independent manipulation of bone matrix properties: A novel treatment strategy for osteoporosis and Type 2 diabetes"

  • Final Fridays: Pre-Professional Drop-ins

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