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  • Purdue Industrial Roundtable - Career Fair

  • Science Welcome Picnic

  • Career Connection - STEM Career and Internship Fair

  • Dr. Sextuplet will see you now; one of the Dilley six graduates IUSM

    Even at birth, Julian Dilley had a greater affinity for the hospital than his five siblings.

    14 Science students awarded 2019 Plater Medallion

    The William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallion recognizes graduating students that have demonstrated exceptional dedication to their community while attending IUPUI. Activities typically include volunteerism, political engagement, service learning, and community/social issue advocacy. Often these students demonstrate a personal and intellectual growth along with a positive community impact.

    School of Science recipients for the 2019 Plater Civic Engagement Medallion: please join us in congratulating the recipients for their devotion to civic engagement.


    School of Science announces Top 100 Students for 2019

    This year 45 School of Science students are on the Top 100 list, up four students from last year. Students will be recognized at the Top 100 Students Recognition Dinner on April 12, 2019. The Top 10 students will be named during the dinner along with one student recognized as “IUPUI’s most outstanding student.”

    Lab Culture: Jason Meyer's focus on research, lab unity

    Jason S. Meyer, associate professor of biology, has dedicated his life's work to the regeneration and understanding of the human retinal system -- lately, retinal ganglion cells -- through the growth and implementation of human induced pluripotent stem cells.

    N. Douglas Lees awarded IUPUI Chancellor’s Medallion for his impact in 45 years of service

    Dr. N. Douglas Lees was awarded the IUPUI Chancellor's Medallion by Chancellor Nasser H. Paydar at his retirement reception on January 18, 2019. During his career at IUPUI's School of Science, Dr. Lees has made in indelible impact on the development of campus through his exemplary teaching and his significant contributions to the development of new academic courses and degree programs, faculty governance, department leadership, institutional planning and management, and research and graduate support.

    IUPUI researchers re-create retinal microenvironment in a dish with human stem cells

    IUPUI biologists, growing human pluripotent stem cell-derived retinal ganglion cells in the lab, have developed a way to create more-mature models that better mimic the environment in the human retina. By introducing hPSC-RGCs to astrocytes, researchers can create cells that are more analogous to human RGCs and can be further used to study diseases such as glaucoma. These results are published online in Stem Cell Reports.

  • Neural Stem Cell Diversity in the Developing Brain

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